Custom Deep Drawn Parts

Progressive Metal Forming specializes in deep draw forming of metal components for the automotive, automotive aftermarket, heavy equipment, refrigeration and other industries.  With our deep draw technology, we can produce precision formed regular shapes like eyelets, rivet bodies and tubes as well as difficult and irregularly shaped parts.  We manufacture deep draw formed parts in stainless steel, incoloy, nickel alloy, brass, copper, and aluminum in orders of 50,000 or more efficiently and cost effectively.

We are an American leader in deep draw forming operations--a metal forming specialty that relatively few companies in the U.S. perform.

Progressive Metal Forming, Inc. is is an IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 registered company and has established a proud reputation in the metal stamping industry for top quality and complete customer satisfaction. Our team consists of creative engineers, skilled toolmakers, experienced press operators, and top quality control people. Together, they'll assure production of your parts exactly to your specifications with on time delivery.

Some of the Deep Draw Forming Parts we can produce include:   

  • Fuel Delivery Systems Components
  • Fuel Filter Housings and Quick Disconnects
  • Electrical Solenoid Housings
  • Wet Rotor Motor Housings
  • Water Pump Seal Housings and Sleeves
  • Refrigeration Control Valve Diaphragms and Housings
  • Refrigeration Compressor Housing Inlet and Outlet Connectors
  • Deep Drawn Cans, Enclosures, Eyelets
  • Deep Drawn Shells, Shapes, Caps, Cases and Connectors
  • Deep Drawn Covers, Cups, Pans and Hose Connectors
  • Drawn Metal Couplings and Adapters as well as Inserts for Rubber Molded Products

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